5 Types of Rugs You Need to Have in 2024!

Mar 17, 2024

Sustainable and bold are the new fashion trends of carpets in 2024. Vibrant statement patterns and warming luxury thick pile rug’s softness are all over interior designers’ minds now. As life is becoming busier everyday people are inclined towards more easy-to-clean or stain-free rug options. Especially people with toddlers and pets who love to sit on the floor and roll around. People are also aware of environment-friendly options, and it is highly appreciated that people are now choosing to make more conscious choices. They are contributing together to a healthier better environment. 

Speaking of rugs, 2023 trends continue and we will continue to see eye-catching patterns in natural finish all over the internet. Carpets and rugs are evolving today we see large bold and abstract motifs, gone are the days when regular gul-mohar motifs were the life of the room. Yet it greatly depends on people’s choices, where some people find bold red, blue, green, and warm green shades others pick neutrals and nudes. If you ask us, neutrals and nudes should be on your top list this year. They not only give your space a subtle and clean look but it also goes with almost every color scheme.

Rugs in Pakistan stand among cultural hubs of rugs and carpets but Imam carpet is modernizing that image. Our wide collection is a perfect blend of culture and art, art of 2024. Here is a list of trends the Pakistani rug market will experience in a couple of months, although you can pick as per your room demands and we are 24/7 available for your assistance. 

Without further ado let’s check those trends,

Neutral and natural Rugs  

Some rugs never go out of fashion, Neutral and Natural Rugs in Pakistan are just that. In 2024 light neutrals remain in trend, be it, ivory, beige, or light grey hues, lighter tones always bring elegance to the room. The classic versatility and the sheer calmness it brings with the wooden cabinets and hardware of the room. 

Light fixtures and the cooler greys are giving way to warmer hues like tans, beiges, and linens. The biggest reason why these light hues are popular is that they can serve as a backdrop for layered area rugs. If you didn’t catch up with 2023 trends we will update you here, layering rugs became a trend back in 2023 and it continues. These neutral palate rugs in Pakistan also complement best with your antique pieces as beautifully as they do contemporary furnishing floorings. 

Minimalism is trending and neutral and natural rugs can complement better than anything else. It makes the room look bigger, brighter, and newly refreshed. A lighter carpet, however, will show more soil, spots, and spills, making it difficult to live with. It is important to choose a neutral that has a lot of saturation. It is very different in livability from a color that shows everything versus one that is forgiving, such as taupe or oatmeal. It is a great idea to layer a light area rug over a darker neutral wall-to-wall installation in order to benefit from this light carpet. Another great idea is to plan ahead and invest in carpet maintenance. 

Runner Rugs   

As we start the new year, we witnessed both people and interior designers using runner rugs for home décor and you should as well. As homeowners, it is exciting to experiment with new trends and cool ideas in decorating our spaces. The hallway runner rugs in Pakistan are the key to enhancing the overall look of your living room without putting much effort. 

Runner rugs are for people who love to experiment with bold patterns and vibrant hues. This trend isn’t just for the inside of the house, it also makes outdoor rugs more exciting. It's all about showing off your style and making your home more interesting right when you walk in. For a modern twist on traditional hallway decor, geometric patterns are still a top choice. Think of chevrons, herringbones, hexagons, or diamonds - these detailed designs add a classy vibe to your hallway.

Featuring bold colors and a statement motif, such as our Hekimhan hand woven wool kilim, these kilims enhance your space and define your entire mood. 

Round Rugs:

Round rugs are one of the most alluring features you can install in your room today. 2024 is all but doing things differently and in terms of rugs, it means buying a new round rug. Round rugs are going to revolutionize rug trends in 2024 and you should adapt them as soon as possible. Circular rugs work best in every environment be it home décor or office décor, they will truly revolutionize interior flooring. The natural charm of color schemes is still quite popular in design, and round rugs in Pakistan are embracing this. Terracotta, sandy beige, and forest green are among the earthy colors that are likely to dominate the future. As well as inspiring a sense of peace, these colors complement a range of interior design aesthetics, from bohemian chic to modern minimalist. Moreover, these colors are also incredibly versatile, making them a great choice for any room.

Textured Rugs:

Textured rugs are making a comeback in 2024. The timeless textured rugs in whole new patterns and designs with interesting color schemes are back in the market. Now is the time you walk barefoot and experience the textured goodness beneath your feet. They also add a visual interest dimension and tactile appeal to the space. 

They bring out the overall soft look of your space, balancing out smooth surfaces and adding a touch of character. You can expect to see more looped or cut-looped carpet styles, which create depth and dimension to your space. Texture plays a crucial role in adding volume to your space. Textured Pakistani rugs in 2024 will feature loops, twists, and cut-pile patterns, which are not only decorative but also provide additional comfort.

Modern Flat-weave Rugs

Modern homeowners know this trend way before and if you don’t we will update you. Modern Flatweave rugs in Pakistan are a popular trend in 2024 because they are lightweight, thin, and durable. Their flexibility makes them the talk of the town, they can be used in a variety of rooms, including living room, bedrooms, and kitchen. You can place them in commercial setups like office hallways and more. They are simply that one type of rug that couldn’t go wrong with any room setting. The flatwoven rug has no tufts, is flexible, easy to fold away, and is able to be rolled up for storage. It is made from a loom, not knotted, so it has no tufted pile. This type of rug is often used as an area rug or runner and is often found in high traffic areas. It is also very durable and long-lasting, making it a popular choice for many people. 

Imam Carpet is here to help you to find the best rug in Pakistan your room décor and styling tips. Our team of experts can help you explore a wide range of options, from bold patterns to sustainable materials, to create a space that reflects your unique style. Contact us or visit our website for more details about Pakistani rugs.

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