How to Buy Rugs with Right Color, Size, and Placement with Imam Carpets

Nov 10, 2023


Rugs are a great part of Asian Culture. Neat and clean floors represent our personality, our moral culture, and especially our historical roots. Rugs are more than just floor coverings. These vibrant threads weave beauty and functionality into your house. They play a great role in complimenting your wall color, the Rug sizes vary which might make your room look small or spacious. It is just a matter of the right Rug to elevate the entire look of the room. This might become a significant change in your room, as it envelops the entire aura of the room. It can give your room a dark and cozy essence and it could also be bright and lively. It could be anything that reflects your personality. At Imam Carpets, we create one of the best hand-woven carpets with organic cotton material.

Let’s find out more about how you should pick your favorite Rug 

Quality vs. Budget

Nowadays a days are hard on every earning man and everyone is looking for more budget-friendly options. Meanwhile, people began to create cheaper versions of their products so more people could buy them. At Imam Carpet, we didn’t compromise a bit on the Rug’s quality, keeping the prices moderately affordable. We always trust in value for money and that took us to the elementary part of your room. The welcoming sight of our carpets always represents a warm welcome and a home where everyone can feel safe.

It’s always been a question of hundreds of buyers to pick quality or budget. At Imam Carpet you can pick both, our amazing balance of color and thread woven with perfection is the symbol of our expert craftsmanship.   

Long-Term Savings with Quality

Investing in a high-quality Rug can be a life-long decision for your living room. You would feel like you are investing in the future of your hallways, guestroom, living room, drawing room, or even your room. The high quality is not only made to make you feel the softness of the floor when you walk on it but also to stay with you for a very long time. Rug prices in Pakistan can be high these days but we assure you at Imam Carpet you will get a lifetime partner at affordable rates. 

Price Range for Imam Carpets Rugs

Imam Carpet offers a diverse range of pricing options. Decorating your home isn’t an easy task and we understand that you want to keep it within budget. To cater to various choices and trends in the Rug world we keep our rates ensuring that everyone finds their perfect Rug within their range. Imam Carpet covers a wide spectrum of color ranges with high-quality wool. Ensuring the best quality Rug reaches your floor with all the comfort of the walk.

Factors Affecting Rug Prices

Multiple factors matter when it comes to buying your ideal Rug. Rug price in Pakistan varies based on square feet, wool quality, hand woven, hand-knotted Rugs, handspun wool, high knot density, intricate design, Rug styles, and most importantly type of carpet. The carpet weaving industry in Pakistan has highly professional experts in their field. Their talent is a generational gift of their grandparents, they have been handed over this talent for centuries. We will help you decode the right choice for your room within your budget.

Range of Prices

We have a wide colorful variety, size and shape variety, and especially style preference. Most of our customers choose traditional bokhra Rugs, a blend of Pak Persian Rugs, intricate geometric designs of Persian Rugs, and simple yet stylish chobi Rugs. 

Entry-Level Options (Starting at PKR 300 per sq ft)

This option is for every budget-conscious person who still desires to install a beautiful Rug for their home. Let it be their living room, guest room, or drawing room, we have a wide variety of everything for every aesthetic. We hope to provide the best Rugs in an affordable range without compromising on style. 

Mid-Range Choices (Around PKR 1200 per sq ft)

Our mid-range Rugs are the best choice for people who have set extended budgets. These Rugs strike a perfect balance between cost and quality. Perfect for everyone looking for durability and premium comfort. This collection is an excellent choice for homeowners seeking aesthetics along with durability.

Premium and Custom Rugs (PKR 2400 and above per sq ft) 

For luxury and individuality lovers, Imam Carpets presents this premium collection. These Rugs belong to our favorite custom and premium Rug collection where intricate designs and vibrant colors are hand knotted with care. These Rugs are the epitome of perfection and style. Once placed in your home it envelops the aura of the room. This collection belongs to customers looking for long-term value and satisfaction.  

The Quality Assurance

At Imam Carpets, quality is our promise. We have been a trustworthy Rug manufacturer since 1952. Our Rugs are walking proof of our premium wool used. Our Rugs are crafted with precision, ensuring they stand the test of time and maintain their elegance. With all the benefits of handspun wool and high knot density, our Rugs symbolize perfection and luxury. When you choose us, you're investing in a Rug that's not just beautiful but built to last.

Additional Savings on Rug Maintenance

Imam Carpets believes in making your life easier. We are old players in the market since 1952. Imam Carpet symbolizes quality and durability in the Pakistani Market. Rug price in Pakistan are diverse from a minimum of 35 thousand to 135 thousand pkr. Although Imam Carpet offers an affordable collection with aesthetically pleasing designs and colors. That's why we provide tips and tricks for maintaining your Rug's timeless beauty. With our expert guidance, you can keep your Rug looking fresh and extend its lifespan, ultimately saving you time and money.

Keeping Your Rug Looking Fresh 

We made Rugs that stay clean and new for generations. Our high-quality wool and handcrafted carpet. Preserving the fresh and vibrant appearance of your Rug is essential for long-term satisfaction. Our Rugs symbolize generations of love and therefore it is essential to keep it in the right quality. Imam Carpets' guidelines will help you maintain your Rug's allure, ensuring it looks as good as new, day in and day out. Wash your carpet once in 4 months and keep it in a dry place. Avoid bleach washing and mopping for better safety.


For premium quality rugs in every price range visit our store online and onsite.

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