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Mar 18, 2024

If you are looking for a natural way to bring life to your home’s flooring, Jute Rugs will be your best choice. Jute rugs in Pakistan are made of dried plant fibers. These dried plant fibers come together beautifully to create this long-lasting organic carpet. Crafted from natural fibers one of the most favorite choices when it comes to sustainable home décor. 

Rugs in Pakistan are popular for their durability and affordability. Jute rugs at Imam Carpet provide just that. Jute rugs not only bring aesthetic beauty to the home but are also a natural way to introduce biodegradable things home. They usually come in a neutral color palate, but neutral is timeless and it makes redecorating easier. If you decide to install them in your room they will immediately adapt your room’s theme.

Why they are the talk of the town?

Among every other category of rug, a jute rug feels like a soft blessing under your feet. Jute rugs are softer and yet thick, giving a soft gentle feel on feet. All of this comes with durability and the advantage of being fully recyclable. Some jute rugs are a blend of hessian and chenille material, this blend produces rugs that are softer and thicker.

What makes jute rugs the best choice is their eco-friendly material. In the sight of increasing pollution on Earth, jute rugs are a conscious choice. It helps to create to safer and healthier environment for generations to come. Keeping the air free of toxins and pollutants makes the Earth a healthier place to breathe. Moreover, they are a luxurious addition to any interior space. 

They are stylish and environment friendly, and they fit within the budget. 

They are usually made from fibers of jute plants, which grow in large amounts in Asia every year. Jute is popular for its exceptional durability, so it’s used in burlap fabric, ropes, and rugs of all shapes and sizes. It is fascinating how it can stand for years but it is still softer than the sisal rug. Walk barefoot to experience the wool-like feel of the fibers on your feet. 

History of Jute  

Where most people believe Bengali exporters are perhaps the first jute manufacturers. The history of jute is actually geographically spread out and complex. The World’s largest concentration of jute mills is in Dundee, a city in Scotland. The popularity of jute rugs can be traced back to the Indus civilization. Jute has always been a textile production and is used worldwide to make ropes, rugs, sandbags, clothing, home décor products, paper, and geotextile. Dundee is popular for its premier whaling industry led to jute manufacturing. Because Dundee discovered that treating jute fiber with whale oil makes it machine processable. The industry flourished through the 18th and 19th centuries, but as synthetic fibers were introduced in the market by 1970, the production of jute rugs largely ceased. A few years later, the availability of raw jute in Bangladesh led to a second wave of industrialization. Soon Pakistan and India became the major producers of jute in Asia. 

Why Jute Rug?  

The main reason why people prefer to install jute rugs in their living rooms is because they give an exotic organic feel to your room. Great for people who love to bask in the beauty of earthy shades and who have pets or kids who love to lay down on the floor. 

They come in solid neutral colors in rectangle and circular shapes. Monochrome red jute rugs are also available in the market in stripes and patterns for different tastes. Jute grows without any need for pesticides and fertilizer, making it an incredible choice for a house with toddlers. 

Why so many people are now buying jute rugs? The reason is simple yet impactful. They are versatile and sustainable. There are more reasons for it such as,

Environment friendly:

It's no longer just a trend, but nature's answer to eco-friendly living is jute rugs. Made from natural plant fibers, they're biodegradable.

Natural and Stylish: 

Natural, simple jute rugs offer a cozy, classic look to any room, blending well with other decorative items while providing a timeless feel. The versatility of jute rugs allows you to switch up your room style as often as you like.

A perfect blend of Comfort and Durability:

Besides being beautiful, woven jute rugs offer a soft, comfortable feel underfoot. It is a small luxury that many homeowners appreciate. The jute material is soft, yet durable- what a difference!

Ideal for Layering:

It's a trend to layer rugs, and jute rugs make the perfect base. Whether you have a small rug to expand the visual space or wish to upgrade your decor effortlessly, layering jute rugs brings a touch of charm to every room. With this simple but impactful décor trend, you can transform any space.


The jute rug is your budget-friendly option for upscale elegance. It’s perfect for homes that need a touch of luxury without the price tag. Jute rugs are also very durable and can last for years with proper care.

Easy to Clean:

There's nothing better than a low-maintenance rug! Jute rugs collect dirt and dust within their fibers, so they are easy to clean. If you shake it outside, or if you vacuum it, you'll be able to keep it looking fresh and clean for years to come. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar for best results and for more tips on how to take care of  rugs better visit our blog.

The versatility of the natural fiber of the rug makes it an incredible choice for people looking for budget-friendly options to upgrade their living room. Rugs in Pakistan are, fortunately, easier to take care of, especially with brooming regularly. If accidentally anything stains your jute rug, try to remove it as soon as possible. Try to wipe it with a wet paper towel first, don’t rub aggressively because it will only harm the fibers. Imam Carpet is always at your doorstep to help you maintain your rugs and carpets in the best condition possible.     


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