Fusion of Tradition and Modernism in Pakistani Rugs

In a world full of confusing bland rugs. Imam Carpets provide the best fusion of modern patterns connected with our traditional roots. We welcome you to our special collection of “Pakistani Traditional Charisma”, This special group speaks about the old times in Pakistan and how Rug Weaving used to be blended with Modern Designs. Our Rugs speaks the story of an amazing contrast yet similarity between old traditions of Pakistan blended with the modern minimalistic carpets. These Rugs aren’t just Rugs they are stories of Modernism, Minimalism, above all Excellence in every thread. Imagine the art of colorful threads bounded together to create an uncanny fusion of celebration of art. Threads that weaved together telling the stories of a long time ago and today. In this blog, we will discuss how people of Pakistan used to make Rugs in Pakistan back in the 90s and today. Beautiful Rugs are the culture of Pakistan and today they are recreated in cool and bold colors. This generation is the generation of colors and unique artistic patterns and we are totally up for that. Keeping the cultural roots alive we mix history with with modern patterns making your living room special and eye-catching. Give your living room an instant décor with our special Rugs that have many stories to tell.   

Traditional Rugs of Pakistan!

Pakistani Rugs are popular all over the world for their intricate design and vibrant colors. Their fine quality makes them last generations this is all because they are handmade with one of the finest quality of wool. They are considered one of the highest quality Rugs and their value doubles itself with beautiful traditional designs. Often inspired by traditions of the Mughal Era and Unique Irani patterns explaining stories of the sub-continent’s mixed culture. Traditional Rugs of Pakistan are also inspired by our Motifs and our Symbols, rich in culture and with classic color selection it turns out to be Art-Symbol of Pakistan. 

Pakistani Bokhra Rugs

Pakistani Bokhra Rugs are popular for repeating their patterns. The color palate used for them is rich and deep. Their distinctive geometric designs featuring rows of oval and diamond-shaped motifs are signature Bokhra style.

Chobi Rugs

Chobi Rugs on the other hand have a more subtle and faded color selection. Chobi is a Persian word meaning “Wood”. Representing delicate and antique patterns. Here design circulates flowers and leaves hand-knotted with high-quality wool. They have a Rustic yet elegant appearance.  

Kazak Rugs

They have bold and large designs and a vibrant color palate. Their unique design represents cultural significance and geometric patterns.

Kilim Rugs

Flat-woven Rugs are used as wall hangings as well. Made with colorful designs and intricate designs perfect to give your room an intense aura.

Gabbeh Rugs

Popular for their simplicity and minimalist designs. They have a thick pile and they showcase the highly creative abstract minds of Pakistani weavers. Comes in bold colors and basic shapes. Represents a cozy and casual vibe. 

Pak Persian Rugs

Pakistani rug designs are inspired by Persian culture in designs, colors, and texture as well. Mostly floral and geometric designs fusion in solid rich colors. This unique rug style carries both cultures.

Turkish Rugs

With wide arrays of colors, geometric designs, and floral motifs, they are a blend of everything in the best-balanced way possible. Globally popular and one of the most running items.

High-Quality Modern Rugs of Pakistan

Modern Rugs in Pakistan come in multiple and Diverse designs ranging from Persian to minimalistic designs. Ranging from affordable to expensive price tags describing the perfect combination of Persian and Turkish rugs. But no matter what the price tag quality of Rugs is never compromised, they are handmade with fine quality wool often inspired by multiple cultures, speaking many stories.

Rug Weaving in Pakistan is an Art!

From Chobi to Bold Bokhra Rugs in Pakistan are the definition of art. From manufacturing them to marketing them every step is a story of dense cultural respect and passion. Our Rugs are designed to give your living room a classical touch elevating the whole atmosphere of the room. No matter what part of the year it is Rugs of Pakistan are never out of fashion. Pakistani weavers are skilled and passionate they craft with care and love. Weavers have passed down their skills to generations and taught them to weave the perfect and the most durable handmade rugs. The luxurious texture of Rugs in Pakistan is hand-woven with immense care, materials of choice are silk, wool, and sometimes a blend of both. Pakistani Rugs are popular for their high quality and precious attention to detail. The versatility of Pakistani Rugs identifies their amazing blend of skilled craftsmanship and their creative mind.  

Hand Knotted and Handmade Rugs of Pakistan!

Every fiber used for the final version of handmade Rugs is high-quality silk or wool. Even the techniques for tying knots and stitching with care are skillfully crafted to make them strong and soft.

High Knot Density is our specialty!

More knots make Rugs of high quality and give you a soft feel under your feet. So when picking your rug pick the most comfortable rug made with high knot density.

We use Handspun Wool!

Fluffy sheep wool is converted into thread and skillfully woven into rugs. To bring nature’s most comfort on the floor of your living room.

Imam Carpet and their Unique Fusions!

Our antique beautiful designs are made to last generations. Speaking stories of every era they set an elegant trend of culture and colors. Available in various sizes and shapes, so you can pick the right piece for your home and give your home a decent décor. The rectangular shape is one of the most running among all we also suggest installing round shape Rugs for small living rooms they work the best. Making an illusion of a bigger room while styling them up, round-shaped Rugs are friendly for all rooms. Our Rugs are a true reflection of art and heritage blended with fascinating colors through geometric patterns. We have something for everyone, we understand every room has a unique demand and we have just the right piece that will suit your room. Install mysteriously crafted Rugs and let them speak the language of history and culture.  

At Imam carpets wide range of shapes and styles of Rugs are available that will be perfect for your living room. Order and bring home one of the finest quality rug in Pakistan. 

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