Rug Sizing Guide

Rug Sizing Guide

Option One:

  • All the furniture legs are sitting on the rug.
  • At least 6" of the rug should be on each side of the furniture.
  • The most common sizes are 8X10, 9X12, and 10X14.

Option Two:

  • This option is ideal for a smaller space.
  • The front legs of the furniture are sitting on the rug.
  • Style Tip: You can put your sofa up against the wall to glorify the area rug. 

Option Three:

  • Only place the coffee table on the rug.

However, option three can make your space look smaller. Hence, we only recommend going for this option if the above two options do not fit well with the room's dynamics. 


Option One:

  • All legs of the bed, along with the surrounding furniture such as the side tables, etc., are on the rug.
  • At least 18" to 20" of the rug should be left on each furniture side.

King Size Bed: 

- Typical rug size is 9 x 12 FT

Queen Size Bed: 

- Typical rug size is 8 x 10 FT

Option Two:

  • Ideal for space with deeper furniture placed at the foot of your bed
  • Two-thirds of the bed is on the rug

Option Three:

  • Opt for runners on both sides of the bed. 
  • Ideal runners are slightly wider than the side tables and must not extend beyond the bed.


There is just one simple rule to follow when placing the rug in the dining room.

  • All chairs are sitting on the rug.
  • The rug should extend 36" beyond the table sides.
  • This rule is applicable for both round as well as rectangular rugs. 

If you want to be sure you're getting a proper rug size for your dining room table, add at least 60 inches to the length and breadth of your table. A 40-by-60-inch table, for example, should be coupled with at least an 8-by-10-foot rug, but a 9-by-12-foot rug would be ideal.